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Kirkby Phelan & Associates CPA, LLC offers strategic tax and accounting services for individuals and small businesses. As an independent firm, we understand the importance of a trusted relationship with your financial advisor. Our clients enjoy access to an experienced and knowledgeable team that places a premium on listening carefully, responding quickly and planning effectively in order to minimize tax impact and chart a secure future.

In addition, Kirkby, Phelan & Associates CPA, LLC maintains a close relationship with its sister company, Kirkby, Phelan & Associates Financial Resources, Inc. Your financial health is our greatest concern, so we not only strive to minimize taxes, but to enhance growth in all areas for our clients. When appropriate, clients receive the coordinated help of both companies and their complementary specialties.

Kirkby, Phelan & Associates recognizes that the security of your financial information is our top priority.  We are constantly looking for ways to provide greater service in a secure manner.  One of our concerns is attaching sensitive information to emails or even placing it in the mail.  the reduce the risk of this happening and provide you with the convenience of access to your returns, we have adapted a secure client portal system, ShareFile.  to securely store, send and sync - without the restrictions.  ShareFile will allow you to access and share all your files and documents in a few simple clicks.  Limitless storage, a convenient email plugin and the ability to send large files - without clogging email - help accelerate productivity.  Plus, bank-level encryption capabilities protect emails in transit and at rest.


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