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At Kirkby, Phelan & Associates our business is relationship-driven. We take pride in understanding our clients' needs and providing them with superior service and financial guidance. As a result, we are honored by the many referrals that we receive from our clients.

As a customer, I see two products you offer. One is a great customer service and the other is great customer satisfaction. That is really what you're selling in your business, and you're doing a great job.

Ted Knorring
BOF Corporation

Whenever I refer my clients to Mary Beth for accounting and tax preparation services I know that they will receive top-notch advice, prompt assistance and an advisor who is a pleasure to work with. Mary Beth has a unique ability to put people at ease while instilling deserved confidence in her trustworthy advice. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jeffrey Van Dyke, Attorney
Office of Jeffrey R. Van Dyke, PC

I believe it was in 1969 or 1970 in his little place on Roselle Road where I became one of Steve Kirkby's very first clients.  He not only took care of my personal finances but got me through some very rough times with my boutique in Schaumburg.  I was sad the day Steve passed away.  David contacted me to advise that his dad would want him to be my financial contact.  I am so proud of Kirkby, Phelan & Associates and the expertise of the entire staff but most of all, I am blessed that David is now considered one of my very dear friends.

Nikki Hagan

My relationship with Kirkby, Phelan & Associates goes back to 1977.  Initially Steve Kirkby took on the task of managing my tax returns and ME!  He always liked a challenge.  Since then I have benefited greatly from his expertise and now David & Mary Beth have taken on the task and share the load.  In the beginning I thought I knew it all.  Fortunately Steve and now David and Mary Beth have shown me the way to financial growth and stability.  The Association is very professional, to the point I do not make a move without consulting them. During the years I have moved around the country, but my Financial "house" is still in Illinois.  It is a very professional 'house' with a family touch.

Mike Davey

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